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Yandex.Money targets the growing markets of Russia and CIS countries by offering a fast, secure, and reliable way for e-businesses to collect payments. Users of the service can easily top up their e-wallets, transfer Yandex.Money to other users, spend it online, and/or withdraw cash. Payments are processed immediately. 



A global settlement system, WebMoney enables users to conduct safe transactions in real time using WebMoney units. No bank account or credit card is required to open or operate a WebMoney account. WebMoney Transfer offers various services for business account users, P2P payment solutions, internet-based trading platforms, and online billing systems.



QIWI is a universal and affordable payment service, which offers a wide range of payment methods. Each user can select the method they personally find most convenient. QIWI Wallet, for example, appears on the recipient’s account almost instantaneously and all transactions are secure. This service is available in Russia and other CIS countries, in China, South Africa, and beyond.



Inpay’s wire acquiring service allows merchant customers to pay using their bank, eliminating the risk of chargebacks. Bank transfers register instantly in more than 60 countries worldwide. Customers whose bank is not yet part of the network can still use the service, but payment will register within 24 hours. Inpay is a multicurrency solution and handles all currency conversions automatically.



Providing an invoice-based payment solution, Kriita allows customers to deposit payments securely and conveniently from any device. It simultaneously carries out credit checks on customers to track individual deposit limits in real time.



NETELLER eWallet offers a fast, simple, and safe payment method, as well as cost-effective instant payouts, regardless of where customers are located. Trusted by merchants and consumers alike, NETELLER services span more than 200 countries across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.



Ukash is safe eMoney, treated like cash, but spent online; it can be used immediately for secure payment. Ukash code is available at over 420,000 outlets worldwide, in over 55 countries and can be used to pay at thousands of websites, also loaded to prepaid cards and eWallets.

China Union Pay

The only domestic bankcard organisation in China, China Union Pay (CUP) is accepted in 141 countries and regions worldwide. As Chinese residents almost exclusively use CUP, ECommPay opens a new market for its clients.


A wide network of partner banks and self-service terminals in Russia and CIS countries benefits companies which provide public services with the necessary technology to accept payments without opening a bank account.


Electronic Resource Company (ERC) is one of the largest distributors of computer technologies. It offers its business partners a wide range of products, competitive business terms, prompt order fulfilment and a high level of service.


The SprintNet payment system collaborates with mobile operators, Internet providers, and loan companies to organise the acceptance of payments. It offers financial information, payment control, and the timely transfer of funds to your account.


Offering a hardware and software system with high performance capabilities, Comepay terminals function in real time to accept payments on behalf of cellular communication operators, Internet service providers, public utilities, commercial television, IP-phone companies, and banks.


A pioneer of payment terminal technologies in the Russian market, Elecsnet can now count more than 3,700 terminals in 49 regions. Its processing centre connects to the billing systems of leading telecom operators in real time, ensuring instant payments.


An innovator in the field of mobile services and NFC technologies, SafePay invented SEMOPS (Secure Mobile Payment Service), StoLPaN, “mobile touch” and many more. It provides users with an open, real time, universal payment solution for mobile and internet transactions.


An online kiosk and payment terminal provider in its own right, Freecash additionally offers its experience and expertise to companies seeking to develop a personal payment terminal network in any major Russian cities.


As China’s leading third-party online payments solution, Alipay boasts 600 million users. It allows residents of China to make purchases in their local currency and international traders to receive payouts in one of the twelve foreign currencies currently supported.


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